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Aileen Cancino

Statement from our Founder, Aileen Cancino

Every day in Castro Valley, CA, I wake up excited in knowing that I am changing lives, witnessing transformations right before my eyes. Having gone through the journey myself of once being unfit and unhealthy at 200 pounds, I know what it feels like, and I know what it takes to get our clients from A to B.

As health coaches it's our priority is to operate a business with integrity and virtuousness that always puts our clients needs first.

Our purpose for creating Lifestyle Reset has been to assist people with obtaining more Vitality and Happiness. We do that by helping people with their Health & Fitness objectives in a manner that is safe, natural, fun and sustainable.

We focus the personal training for the person as a whole-being and on all the other elements that are involved in developing fitness motivation, all towards making health and fitness a lifestyle. For example behavior, habits, exercise, nutritional guide, hydration, flexibility, physical rehab, and rest.

All of our Workout Coaches are personal and connect with our clients, and have a genuine desire in really listening to what is important to our clients and doing what’s right for our clients.

Lifestyle Reset was created for you and is all about YOU and YOUR Health & Fitness Transformation.

Are you ready for a Lifestyle Reset?

Aileen's Education:

National Academy of Sports Medicine
National Exercise Sports Training Association
Institute of Advanced Natural Health Sciences (Mentorship Program)
Business Management (Continuous Research & Education)


English & Spanish


Hobbies & Interest:

Fun & Humor (Comedies)
Education (Specifically in Evolving the Human Potential)
Horseback Riding
Sky Diving
Spa Days
Being by the Ocean
Being around Positive People & Action-Takers

I'd like to express my immense gratitude…

First and foremost - To my beloved mother who instilled in me to do right by others, to be virtuous and genuine. Thank you! 

To all my Mentors, Coaches, Family, and Friends who have  nourished me and offered me your kind support and advice throughout the years. Thank you.

Thank you to all of my Loyal Clients who continue to cause a domino effect onto others with their own Health & Fitness Transformation, and who continue to refer other people to me so that they to may follow in your success.   Your continued growth, support and input is always valued and appreciated. Thank You!