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Wellness Center Philosophy

Lifestyle Reset is pleased to introduce our Wellness Center Philosophy  -  We believe in the integration of all avenues of health and are pleased to add Aoy Casper (Bua Thai Wellness Center) to our team and Dr. Ovtcharov DC (Body in Motion).

Aoy Casper operates Bua Thai Wellness Center - This is a gathering place for all that seek to develop and maintain good health naturally and holistically, by focusing on that fundamental balance of mind and body.

Bua Thai  Wellness Center provides a variety of massage styles and deep stretching to suit all of your needs:

Traditional Thai Massage
Improve blood circulation, lengthen and loosen muscles, balance and realign the body.

Thai Herbal Massage
Anti-inflammatory properties of the Thai herbs soothe and calm the muscle into a more relaxed state.

Therapeutic Massage
Thai Therapeutic Massage reduces inflammation throughout the body. It also promotes healthy lymph, circulatory and musculoskeletal functions and freedom of movement by targeting sen lines (energy pathways) as well as muscles, ligaments and joints.

Thai Aroma Combination Massage
Aromatherapy massage is particularly suited to conditions involving stress, the improvement of emotionally-related conditions, headaches, digestive disorders, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and back pain.

Foot Massage (Reflexology)
Foot Reflexology massage prevents and even heals many disorders, such as headache, physical and mental stress, asthma, migraine, sinusitis, kidney trouble, and digestive problems.

For more information or questions about Aoy Casper - Bui Thai Wellness Center - Please contact us.

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Body In Motion

Body in Motion provides professional non-surgical and non-invasive chiropractic medicine along with other therapies. Dr. Ovtcharov utilizes different techniques for better results along with chiropractic such as Graston, postural and biomechanic evaluation, trigger point therapy,  stretching, RockTape, and is a certified A.R.T. practitioner.

Body in Motion is known for their combination of chiropractic adjustments to realign the joints and myofascial release to reduce tight muscles, improving range of motion right away after the first treatment. At Body in Motion they customize treatment plans to fit individuals needs and wants. For people who are sensitive or do not prefer the sound of the popping they use a special device called an Activator to apply a very gentle thrust to a specific joint that results in no audible noise or increase pressure over the general area. This technique is used on people who have sensitive painful area, geriatrics with high possibility for fractures and newborns/infants. If some one does not want a specific area to be adjusted then they do not adjust. Simply put they always make sure the patient is completely comfortable and they go as slow or as fast as he or she wants.

The other half is working directly on the soft tissue (muscles, ligaments, tendons). These structures tend to build up adhesions and scar tissue especially with repetitive motions of daily life reducing the overall range of motion. Using myofascial release, Graston and ultrasound these techniques help to break down adhesions regaining the smooth normal movement of the tissue. This results in healthier muscles and tendons, easier movement, less pain and fatigue.

For more information or questions about Dr. Julian Ovtcharov DC  & Body In Motion Chiropractic - Please contact us.

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